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Timeless Culinary Traditions

Recollections of my early years in North India bring to mind the harsh winters, a season marked by my mother's meticulous preparations. As she unpacked winter clothing and blankets, she also ventured into the kitchen to craft special recipes for the season. Among them, Gond ke Ladoo stood out.

I eagerly assisted her, drawn to the delightful fragrance of ghee mingling with nuts and gond. Being the first to savor the results was an added joy. This winter treat became a daily ritual, imparting a comforting warmth to our bodies from the inside out.

Gond, or edible gum, possesses nutritional properties that contribute to its traditional use in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic practices

Ghee is a rich source of healthy fats, including saturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. It provides energy and supports the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. When combined with gond, the resulting dish becomes a source of diverse nutrients.

Both ghee and gond are calorically dense, making the combination an excellent source of energy. This can be particularly beneficial during colder seasons when the body requires additional warmth and energy

Today, these timeless recipes passed down by my mother serve as a means to safeguard my own family. Without fail, I recreate these ladoos (balls) every winter, ensuring my loved ones stay protected from the cold.

Do you have any traditional winter recipes from your mother that you make every winter?Let me know in the comments.


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