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5 Reasons Women are more incline toward Yoga then Men.

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

1: Women are stronger than men in their will and determination.

. Women, seem to intuitively understand that moving through struggle requires both physical and mental attributes—power, balance, alignment, breathing, and concentration. Even when there is chaos around them. women seem to be better able to recognize that there are many ways to cultivate strength—and use it.

2. Women are more conscious of the space around them and how their bodies move through it.

Yoga perfectly demonstrates how women possess a heightened sense of awareness about themselves and those around them. Not only are women more attuned to their bodies, but they also seem to have unspoken coordination with others near them, whether it’s moving in sync through a sun salutation or hitting the same tone while chanting a simple Om.

3. Women have complex systems of organization.

Women, seem to consciously “place” their mats and arrange their props and water for well-thought-out accessibility. Off the mat, this concept holds true as well. Their minds are more organized than men which makes them multi-tasker.

4. Women see the greater benefits of Yoga beyond Body limits

They have a better sense of connection with their elements and which makes them get benefits beyond asanas practices like pranayama, meditation and use their practices to heal their bodies

5. Women's bodies are always changing.

Women are dealing with hormonal changes for 80% of their life and through safe yoga practice, they are able to bring a holistic balance into their bodies. They can feel the changes through the practice and get stuck to it for a lifetime.


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