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Sample Titles: Welcome to Wellness Sutra Blog

My name is Sugandha and I am an IT Engineer turned Yoga. I had many soul-searching questions from a young age and that is where I turned to Yoga.

While working in IT, I had spoiled my physical and mental health and when I took my Yoga practice seriously, I saw drastic changes.

I decided to spread this ancient wisdom to the world and in 2016 I formally started teaching yoga.

I did my formal R-YTT 500 training from Himalayan masters in India. I am also YTT Prenatal and Yoga Therapy Certified.

wellness sutra was formed with the vision to bring holistic balance to one's life through the power of Yoga and Ayurveda.

when you have balance in your body everything just falls into place. You weigh perfectly, you feel energetic, your skin and hair feel good and you are away from lifestyle and chronic diseases.

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Be the writer of your own health and see everything coming together for you!!


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