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The tough choice of being a mother!!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I was speaking to a friend and she was telling me about her struggle of raising two kids who are under 5. How her entire day goes into handling both of them.

She started her career as an air hostess. She did really well in her career flying internationally and exploring countries and then she got married to an army officer.

After marriage for 2-3 years she was able to work but once she had her first child and with her husband’s posting in remote areas it became tough for her to continue working. She left her job because she wanted to be with her child. She tries to get back to work but then she delivered the second child and it becomes a distant dream.

She was expressing how from time to time she feels frustrated about leaving a full fledge career and feels disheartened.

Isn’t this story of so many women who love to work but sometimes situations do not support them? From a thriving career to a homemaker could be a really tough decision that can lead to frustration.

Whichever path we choose, working mother or being a full-time mom one side is heavier than the other. If you are working you will feel guilty for not giving enough time to kids but if you are non-working you feel you are not doing enough in life.

Whichever side you choose in life accept it and live with it, and you can always choose to work once your kids are a bit grown up. Utilize the time to upgrade your skills and wait for the right time.

Isn't life ultimately about all the choices you make?


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