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One great habit to add to your life in 2023, Journal Everyday!

I remember writing dairy every day in my teenage, I was a strong-headed child and use to express my thoughts and feelings very vocally but still maintaining a daily journal was those subconscious feelings that you can never tell anyone.

If you are introverted and don't know how to express your thoughts, journaling is the best way to understand your feeling.

1. It’s the simplest, most effective thing you can do every day to be happier. It’s been proven over and over again that shifting your focus to the positive can dramatically improve your happiness. The key is consistency. With a positive quote every day, a weekly challenge, and a structure to help you focus on what’s good, you’ll find The Five Minute Journal to be a great way to start and end the day.

2. It’s built on proven principles of positive psychology. Somehow, it took psychologists about 80 years or so to realize it’s better to focus on positive behavioral traits as opposed to depression, anxiety, and perceptual disorders.

3. If you’re the kind of person who always wanted to write a journal, but life, excuses, and email took precedence, look no further. The Five Minute Journal was designed for you.

4. You’ll have a snapshot of your days, weeks, months, and years. When was the last time you saw pictures from a few years ago? Did you pause to feel the nostalgia and smile silently to yourself? Imagine if you could have the same experience by just flipping to a certain day in a specific year in your life, you could zoom in on who you were, what you did, and how you felt on that day. It’ll be your chronicle of memories, ideas, and dreams.

5. Have a problem sticking to a commitment? Good. You will love The Five Minute Journal. Inside you’ll find tips and tricks to foolproof your commitment to writing frequently. How often do we shirk away from a commitment that’s good for us? Overweight doctors, procrastinating professors, and unfaithful presidents prove this point. You’ll discover simple, effective actions you can take to stay the course. You’ll get in the habit of writing this journal every day and focusing on positive changes in your life. It’s all possible. In under five minutes a day.

I have seen a positive change in myself with journaling. I can connect with my thoughts and my decisions are very clear. Add this to your daily routine to see the long impact on your life.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and A very Happy New Year 2023!


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