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Chair Yoga to Stretch and Strengthen yourself!!

To get started doing chair Yoga, all you need is your body, your breath, your willingness, and a chair!

If you can start to sneak these exercises into your daily habits, you will find to start to feel better, sleep better, eat better, and have more focus, energy, and stamina.

With a growing age as tend to have less mobility and can not sit down. That should not stop you from moving your body.

Chair yoga is as effective as mat yoga is done in the correct way. Always keep your breath in mind and let it guide you through each posture.

Here is a series of different breathing practices you can perform in your chair:

The key is to take your time to learn how to breathe more fully and exercise your lungs and diaphragm daily.

Ujjai (Balancing and Calming Breath)

Sit comfortably in your chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale silent ha sound through the mouth

Bhastrika (Energizing breath)

Inhale a short, forceful inhalation, and then exhale a short sharp exhalation.

continue in/out for 20 to 30 counts

Stop and take a break before repeating again.

These breaths are a great way to energize your body and stoke the internal fire


Warming up for physical activity provides the benefits of injury prevention and enhanced performance. After 5-10 minutes of warm-ups, blood flow in the muscles increased up to 75 percent.

Some of the warmup practices are:

Cat and Cow

Chair Sun Salutation

Neck Up and down

Neck Side to Side

Clasped Hands Head Forward Bow

Shoulder Shrugs

Eagle Arms

High Alter Arms

Main asanas practice:

Extended Side angle

Seated Lifts

High Lunge

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 3




Ankle to Knee

Goddess Squat

Ending Sequence:

Seated Shavasana


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