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Ayurveda Summer Hydration Secrets!!

Wherever you are in this universe you are facing the challenge of rising temperature. As the temperature increases so does body heat and issues like fatigue, acidity, heatstroke, and heartburn


How to prevent excess heat in your body? Remain cool! In many regards, Ayurveda is quite simple and intuitive. Keep your body and mind cool. Eat cool (not cold) foods. Stay out of the sun, especially during midday—splash in a pool, ocean, or stream. Take a walk in the shade. Wear a hat. Linger outside in the moonlight. Avoid alcohol and spicy foods.

Here are some seasonal routine (Ritucharya) changes for summer to help you stay cool in summer:

  • Massage your body with coconut oil before taking a bath. Coconut oil has cooling calming properties, it can help keep your body cool during the day.

  • Wear loose cotton clothes and lighter shaded, allowing your skin to breathe.

  • Include more summer fruits like melons, plums, and mangoes.

  • Consume fresh fruit juices like Watermelon + Lemon or cucumber + pineapple. The recipe is in the above video.

  • Include coconut water once a day

  • Hydrate yourself as much as possible

  • Have more watery vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, gourd, and zucchini.

  • Have lighter meals, especially at night like Kichadi or Salads (Dal + Rice combination).

  • Add buttermilk and kombucha to your diet.

  • Include these 5 cooling herbs while you prep meals:

    • Cumin

    • Hibiscus

    • Fennel

    • Mint

    • Basil Seeds

  • Wear sunglasses and a hat when you go out.

  • Swim in a lake, Ocean or pool.

  • Gentle yoga practice in the morning and include cooling pranayama like Sheetali with your practice.

  • Take walks early morning or evening post dinner.



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